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Our Credo


At Victoria Park, we believe in the power of individuality.

We break the mould and question the status quo.


We believe that everybody can be somebody. We believe in exploring and amplifying the various talents that make each of our pupils unique. We believe that where you are going is more important than where you have come from.


We believe in the pursuit of excellence and the enjoyment of the journey along the way. We believe in giving our pupils every opportunity to find themselves by providing them with a variety of activities and facilities.


We believe in fostering a pioneering spirit to tackle life’s challenges head-on. We believe that everything you have is everything you need. We believe in bravery and self-belief.


We believe in the power of encouragement, and in building confident and empowered young hearts and minds. We believe in dreaming big and working hard. We believe that talent can get you far but persistence can get you further.


A Victoria Park education is an education in life. It is a five year window of equipping the next generation with the maturity, dedication and open-mindedness required to readily embrace their uniqueness and leave their mark on the world.


At Victoria Park, we believe that preparation for life turns opportunities into success.



Prepared for life